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Fiery Spirit in the Middle of Manhattan No matter how many generations pass through Hell's Kitchen, the neighborhood never loses its cool. Small businesses adhere to Hell's Kitchen's authenticity while high-styled newcomers embrace it for its retouched modernity. The neighborhood's cinema-worthy streetscapes are just that–Hell's Kitchen has provided the perfect backdrop for countless films set in New York City. This area has to be one of the most exciting areas in Manhattan for dinning and outing. There are thousands of NYC top restaurants with all kind of different cuisines, popular bars and clubs, and also supermarkets, delis, pharmacies, natural stores, farmers market and Starbucks within steps." LoftMidtownNYC Hosts LOFT-CentralPark/TimeSQ/TheaterDist Blazing Independence Hell's Kitchen's local haunts are fiercely independent. The neighborhood's restaurants and bakeries seamlessly weave no-nonsense pragmatism with handcrafted ingenuity, setting trends and inspiring cult-followings along the way. located in the heart of Manhattan, it's convenient to absolutely everything and everywhere; with all trains and buses to take you anywhere you want to go-- great restaurants and shopping abound. Times Square is minutes away, the Circle Line too and every and any tourist attraction you want to visit is literally minutes away with the means to get you there either by bus or subway." Anna Hosts Beauty and comfort in Times Square! Renovated, Remodeled, and Newly Built Hell's Kitchen's architecture hints at the neighborhood's evolution. While many of its blocks teem with quintessential New York City brownstones and diagonally-slanting fire escapes, contemporary glass towers dominate the skyline above them. Organic architecture. We approve.

Once a bastion of poor and working class Irish Americans, Hell's Kitchen's location in Midtown has changed its personality since the 1970s. Though Hell's Kitchen's gritty reputation had long held real-estate prices below those of most other areas of Manhattan, by 1969, the City Planning Commission's Plan for New York City reported that development pressures related to its Midtown location were driving people of modest means from the area. Since the early 1990s, the area has been gentrifying, and rents have risen rapidly. Located close to both Broadway theaters and the Actors Studio training school, Hell's Kitchen has long been a home to learning and practicing actors, in addition, in recent years, to young Wall Street financiers.

Mitch OmerFounder and Co-OwnerWhen football star Mitch Omer walked off the field in frustration and gave up his full scholarship at Iowa State to the chagrin of his furious father, he was understandably told “don’t come home.” Thus he kept going, past Des Moines, past Minneapolis, and way up into the north woods of Ely to forge a new life. Grabbing the first job offered (and lying about his lack of experience), he started cooking at age 19. Lucky for him, he was good. “But it was just a job,” he explains, until he met world-renowned chef Jacques Pepin…friend of Julia Child, author of numerous cookbooks, and chef to several French Presidents. Watching Jacques in action “lit me on fire,” says Mitch. “That’s when I realized good cooking combines my love of art and science, and at that point, there was absolutely no stopping me.” Omer then maniacally studied everything about the culinary world he could get his hands on. Fervently working up to 3 jobs at a time, he gained priceless experience under many great chefs near and far, honing his kitchen skills while trying to balance a crazy home life that included three children, two ex wives, irresponsible drug and alcohol use, subsequent punishments, and (finally) a proper diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder…which thankfully explained his manic-obsessive-depressive behavior. In his 40’s and finally on an even keel, Omer sold almost all of his possessions (and his new wife Cyn’s house, she kindly reminds him), snatched his longtime “partner in crime” Steve Meyer, and opened Hell’s Kitchen in a tiny shotgun space one block from the current location in downtown Minneapolis. Sadly, Mitch suddenly passed away in December 2015, but his legacy remains in place, his vision was already written for the next 20 years (yes, really), and his heart still beats in the restaurant that will never (ever) forget his bigger-than-life, tender and amazingly generous heart. Cynthia GerdesFounder and CEO/Co-OwnerBy the time Cynthia Gerdes, a Puerto Rican spitfire, married Mitch Omer in 2001, she already had her hands full as founder and owner of a beloved local chain of indie toy stores called Creative Kidstuff. Having grown her business to $11 million, it was a snap to offer to “help” Mitch start his own restaurant. “How hard can it be?” she thought. So she put together a business plan, found a bank to finance the place, designed the menu, signage, website, ads, press releases and other marketing materials, set up the backend accounting, payroll, front end POS system, legal documents, tax accounts, insurance, city permits, Health Dept compliance, workers comp accounts and on and on and on. (Can you guess by now what happened?) Yes, running the business end of Hell’s Kitchen not only consumed ALL of her time, but she eventually decided to sell the toy stores in order to remain sane while focusing on her CEO “job from Hell” even more. It took years for most employees to realize her true role in the restaurant because after decades of being in the spotlight with her award-winning, nationally-acclaimed shops, she was more than happy to let the lights shine on her chef partners Mitch and Steve. But she still laughs while explaining, “You know that joke about ‘behind every successful man is a woman?’ Don’t get me wrong…these guys are the core of this restaurant…but my version of that saying is, ‘Behind every successful man is a woman rolling her eyes.’ ” You can reach Cyn easily by sending an email to Steve MeyerChef and Co-OwnerThe very last thing Steve Meyer wanted was his own business. Happy as hell to have a good cooking career at several great Twin Cities restaurants, Steve often followed Omer’s lead and worked as his Sous Chef from place to place, sometimes staying on as Executive Chef whenever Omer was fired (often). Then came “the call.” “I’m opening my own restaurant and I want you as a partner,” said Omer, thus luring Meyer one more time into unknown waters. “Steve’s the hardest working line dog in the business,” explained Mitch, “and I wouldn’t do my own place without him.” So that’s how Steve Meyer ended up as a partner in Hell’s Kitchen. Side-note: when Steve’s sweet-yet-buttoned-down wife Kim heard that Mitch planned to call the place “Hell’s Kitchen,” she broke down and literally cried. Ah, how time heals all wounds. Kim’s now quite happy as our Business Manager, keeping us all “in line” and helping make sure all of our ducks still march in a row. Kjersti GranbergGeneral ManagerThere once was a quiet young host who took so much pride in her job, she kept growing and was promoted again and again and again to Host Supervisor, then Banquet Manager, then Assistant GM and now runs the whole damn place as our beloved General Manager, handling her job with grace, wit, calm and a sparkle in her eye ALL WHILE while juggling a pre-teen AND a new baby! Don’t let that sweet exterior fool you though…KJ is laser focused on the business side of things while at the same time juggling a million personalities, all the while making sure our guests are well taken care of from the moment they walk through the gates of Hell. You can reach KJ via email at

In the heart of downtown Minneapolis, appropriately located in a beautiful underground space, you’ll discover a chef-owned restaurant known for its damn good food: unique but not fancy, interesting but not fussy. Owners Steve Meyer and Mitch Omer have been award-winning chefs in the Twin Cities for far longer than their patient wives want to admit. Rather than being “celebrity chefs” with fancy toques and pretentious “vertical” foods, these war horses and their rogue compadres are behind the stove working their asses off to bring you made-from-scratch meals. Almost everything is housemade, including our raved-about peanut butter which we now send throughout the world. Even our bar gets in on the “made-from-scratch” action, offering beautiful Bloody Mary’s, locally crafted beers, and awesome cocktails created with house-infused liquors. No, this isn’t Denny’s with a $2.99 Grand Slam breakfast. Thankfully, our customers understand “you get what you pay for.” So come to our underground lair and enjoy…it’s a fun place (even kids love us!)…a bit on light-hearted, quirky side, but the emphasis always has been and always will be our damn good food. P.S. Don’t worry about the name…it’s just how we feel slaving in the hot kitchen while you enjoy your meal…and no, we have nothing to do with Gordon Ramsay’s TV train wreck of the same name…our restaurant was slinging hash years before Ramsay’s show started!